Senator Ben Cardin has already completed one term in the Senate after first being elected in 2006. Cardin has also gone on to be successfully re-elected for a second term in 2012. Throughout his 6 years as a Senator Ben Cardin has often discussed and looked at alternatives for immigration, this is something which he will also have to look at during his second term in office.

Senator Ben Cardin

Cardin is a strong believer in firm immigration. He currently insists that “our nations immigration and border security system is broke and must be fixed” (Issues: Immigration, 2012). Cardin also believes that immigration results in job losses for many American’s. Part of the reason as to why Cardin thinks the immigration system is broken is because immigrants are taking jobs which belong to American’s. This is causing an upsurge in unemployment which is undesirable especially when the economy is in such a poor state. Cardin stated that “Even as tens of thousands of Maryland workers are struggling to find a job, Congress has continued to issue 125,000 new work visas a month to immigrants and other foreign workers. This equals 1.5 million new foreign workers each year, who compete directly with Maryland residents for a very limited number of Maryland’s jobs (Mikulski and Cardin, 2012).

Cardin has a good track record on job creation and economic growth and this could be one of the reasons as to why Cardin is believes in a strong immigration process.

Cardin is not completely against immigration but he would like to see reforms to the system to ensure work permits are harder to obtain and a stronger border to stop illegal immigrants. Cardin has also suggested that immigrants should “come out of the shadows and go to the back of the line” (Issues: Immigration, 2012). Cardin recently voted yes on the ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act’ which seeks to create a stronger border and to make it harder for immigrants to receive work permits (On the Issues, 2012).

US-Mexican Border

However Senator Cardin also recognises that it is vitally important for democracy and human rights that immigrants and refugees who are seeking a haven away from an authoritarian regime/ a war zone or other problematic areas should be allowed into the United States. As a cosponsor for the DREAM Act which allows permanent residency to immigrants, Cardin believes that “innocent children should have an opportunity to help build & defend our nation” (Democrat Star Survey, 2012).
Furthermore Cardin is a strong advocate of healthcare and continues to serve on the Sub-Committee for Healthcare. Cardin believes that healthcare should be available to each and every single citizen, Cardin pushes this further and believes that illegal immigrants should be “given access to government-subsidized healthcare” (ISideWith, 2012) because no matter your legal status everyone deserves healthcare.

As we can see Senator Cardin is an advocate for a strong immigration policy with secure borders. He suggests that skilled workers should be allowed into the United States but at a premium and other immigrants are welcome if they are escaping a war zone or an authoritarian regime. These immigrants and new-found citizens deserve healthcare but the main focus and priority needs to be immigration reform and to ensure that there are enough jobs for Maryland’s citizens.


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